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Advanced PPC Training Course
Number of lessons:
Course duration: 60 Hrs
Employment: No
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Price: $439
This PPC course online is designed and curated by top industry experts in the world who will make you a PPC Specialist in a reputed organization. This course will fast-track your career in the field of Digital Marketing through online live lessons and real-world projects and case studies based on the modules you learn throughout the program.

How do I learn PPC? Google Ads Courses, Books and Blogs for Free – List of Communities

Many people ask me where to start learning PPC. Instead of continuing to re-find my list and DM someone, I decided that I would just write a blogpost to link to it, as well as so that others could have an easy list they could send people to. Here are some resources for your cousin who just graduated from college and is interested in a career as a Paid Search Marketing Specialist.

I recommend that you not just choose one resource from the list. If possible, try to use all or some of them. You will discover that every course is different and every blogger has their own take on things. It is essential and beneficial to get a comprehensive education in this field.

Learning outcomes

Campaign success is possible with advanced PPC search bidding

These are the key factors that influence Google PPC management

How to cut down on time spent researching keywords for PPC

Identify your best target audiences

Learn from and beat PPC competitors

How to create an ROI model for Pay per Click marketing

How to restructure existing PPC campaigns to get better results

For better results, use attribution and set up conversions

PPC reporting: Collect, measure and manage

The right PPC advertising mix to fit your market

Copywriting for PPC ads with ETAs or CTAs

How to create a Pay Per Click plan that works

How to choose and work with a PPC Agency

The right tools to help you with PPC

Mobile and Shopping Optimisation PPC

Learn PPC Classes Online

Discover new skills and inspiration in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. These Skillshare classes will help you explore a variety of topics and tips, including digital marketing, social marketing, and how to use PPC to increase your reach. You can learn new skills whether you are a novice looking for detailed instruction on setting up your first Google Ads campaign or an experienced marketer looking to improve your knowledge. Online tutorials by experts will help you learn more about Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, Google Analytics and YouTube Ads. You’ll also find short lessons and hands-on projects, as well as a community of creators that will support you in your PPC journey.

An online course is a great idea if you’re new to PPC marketing. These courses are available in a variety of formats. They provide an overview of paid search advertising, which is not something you would find in a news article or blog post. Many of these courses also offer certification exams.

Advanced PPC Training Course will make you a paid marketing professional in the industry. This PPC certification course, which is designed by industry professionals, will accelerate your Digital Marketing career. It provides hands-on experience in managing paid advertising initiatives.